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America Stubbles Upon the New Website

This summer, harried (or is it hairy?) Americans are whiskering away to an oasis of razor sharp advertising fun (puns, too): It’s the all-new, 2014, deluxe model, accept-no-substitute, void-if-inhibited,

Southern California-based Beard Boy Productions’ new website has been a decade in the making. And it barely shows. It features everything you might want to know, some stuff you already knew and a bunch of stuff that’s largely pointless about one of Orange County’s most creative, most experienced advertising production agencies.

The website includes Beard Boy’s latest TV, radio and video work, lists the services, awards, clients and a cogent argument against waxing and threading. It also includes the links to our new YouTube channels, Facebook and LinkedIn and subsidiaries, including:

– MedMen – Beard Boy’s new health care advertising service
– Adsmith – Beard Boy’s new corporate documentary service
– Yukmercials – Beard Boy’s new funny spot and video service.

Log on now for your chance to win an Oldsmobile. Your mileage may vary.

About Beard Boy Productions
Silly name. Serious advertising.

Here at the Beard Boy Productions worldwide, multi-national, interplanetary mega-giga-get-jiggy headquarters, we believe it’s important that you know what we do—and what we don’t do.

What we do is conceptualize, write and produce clever, effective, memorable television commercials, radio spots, corporate videos and Web content—for all sorts of clients, all over the country.

What we don’t do is attend NASCAR events dressed like a French maid (at least not lately), spray Cheez Whiz on our Coco Puffs or pray to a likeness of Justin Beiber fashioned from dryer lint.

So if you’re interested in what we do, please contact us. If you’re interested in what we don’t do, please seek treatment. Immediately.

Visit them at or call 714-734-0372 for more information.


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